Designed by Greg Norman Golf Course Design
7,218 yards, par 72 
USGA Ratings – Men 74.5 / Ladies 69.5
Slope 139 / 121
Grass: Paspalum SeaDwarf

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Practice facilities include driving range, 2 putting greens and short game area

The Course

This 18-hole course was conceived with full respect for both, the naturally abundant fauna and the environmentally sensitive areas that surround it. A great resort course with daily trade winds that demand pinpoint accuracy and challenges even the most experienced of players.

Hole 1

Par 4, A welcoming, simple, but visually threatening 392 yards par 4 to begin with. A 300 yards long water hazard on the right.

Video Hole 1

Hole 2

Par 5, Prevailing sea breeze is on your side for an opportunity to reach this 550 yards par 5 in two, longest hitters must be careful not to reach the protected area. The smallest green on the course is protected by bunkers on both sides; do not risk it unless you are sure you can get there.

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Hole 3

Par 3, After testing your distance skills, it's time for the shortest par 3 on the course. Accuracy and wind reading expertise will come handy in this 145 yards par 3. Huge green with plenty of bail out space around it. Water comes in play from the back tees.

Hole 4

Par 4, Although not the longest par 4 on the front nine, its 437 yards are a real challenge due to the prevailing wind from tee to green. Keep your drive on the short grass and be prepared for a long second shot to a well-protected yet accessible green.

Hole 5

Par 5, This long, dog-leg left, 553-yards par 5, is your best opportunity to show them all what you've got. Rip it! But plan your second shot carefully, as the large green side bunker on the front-right comes in play more than you may think.

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Hole 6

Par 3, 172 yards, crossed wind and more water in play require all your attention on this par 3, make sure not be distracted by our resident alligator (Big Al).

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Hole 7

Par 4, The longest par 4 on the course. Its 469 yards require back to back solid and accurate shots. Good news is, one of the largest greens on the course with plenty of grassed bail out space will welcome you on the far end. Stay away from the left waste area on your second shot, if you are going to miss it, miss it long and right.

Hole 8

Par 4, The spectacular high rise fairway bunker on the left comes into play for the longest hitters. A second shot over water and a huge bunker, require good planning and lots of accuracy. 434 yards par 4.

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Hole 9

Par 4, A natural cenote boarders the fairway in this 396 yards par 4. Although there is no need for the drive of the day, a good second shot will keep you away from trouble in this heavily undulated green.

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Hole 10

Par 4, The prevailing sea breeze turns this 438-yards par 4 into a stern test. A long tee shot is required if you want to reach this green in regulation. Do not be misled by the bunkers on the right, you still have another 50 yards to the green.

Hole 11

Par 3, And now golf gets serious, 197 yards plus the breeze, water on the right all the way, plus an undulated green, the second largest of the course and well protected by two bunkers. Just hit the green, take your 2 putts and walk away with a smile.

Hole 12

Par 4, It is not over yet, more water on the right and throughout the entire hole, plus the breeze, plus a huge beach bunker protecting the green, plus 446 yards, make for the toughest par 4 on the back nine. Keep it dry.

Hole 13

Par 5, The lack or presence of sea breeze will turn this 519 yards par 5 into a well-deserved break. The only guarantee is the beautiful view of the turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean from the large green. Take your time, plan your shots, you'll get there.

Hole 14

Par 4, Yes you guessed it, finally a downwind hole. 463 yards that can be easily reached in this par 4. The fairway bunker on the left is within reach when breeze is on your side. Stay away from the greenside bunkers on the left and make the best of this birdie opportunity.

Hole 15

Par 3, The largest green on the course sits above of a deep, long bunker. This short, but challenging par 3, plays only 164 yards. The key to play this handicap 18 hole is to keep your head down and not be distracted by the view.

Hole 16

Par 4, This is the shortest par 4 on the course. With only 386 yards playing in smoothly rolling sand dunes, the reward awaits you on the green. Don't let it distract you, lots of movement of this green. FYI, that is Isla Mujeres in front of you. Great photo opportunity!

Hole 17

Par 5, With 597 yards and a water hazard on the right, this par 5 can be easily reached on regulation. Anything better than that will require lots of help from the wind. Choose your shots smartly, stay away from trouble right of the green and you are on your way home.

Hole 18

Par 4, The last water hazard is right of the fairway on all of the 460 yards in this par 4. Aim to the left of the fairway, hit it long and straight and you will leave with a great taste in your mouth.